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Attorneys appeared in court today on behalf of current Village of Maywood Mayor/President, Mayor Elect Edwenna Perkins and Maywood Village Clerk, Viola Mims.

Each of these two trusted and re-elected Maywood officials are under investigation for criminal charges filed against them in violation of Illinois State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, 5 ILCS 430/5-15.

In lieu of the ongoing investigation, an injunction barring the swearing-in of the two candidates was filed, and they were duly served in the Village of Maywood Government Office, located at 125 S. 5th Ave., last week on Monday, May 1st, and Wednesday, May 3rd, respectively.

Attorneys Doug Ibendahl of Chicago, IL, and Luther Franklin Spence & Associates of Maywood, IL, attempted in futility to have the charges dismissed and attorney fees assigned to the complainant. Ultimately, their attempts to stop the stay of injunction proceedings initiated by the plaintive was met with failure as well.

Dr. Mary May Larry, Ph.D., complainant, fared extremely well in court, single-handedly representing herself and being granted a one-week continuance.

This Downtown Chicago court session, therefore, resumes on next Monday, May 15, 2017.  It therefore remains to be seen whether Mayor Elect Edwenna Perkins is to be, or not to become, Mayor/President of Maywood, Illinois.

Fern Rayon

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