Maywood families outraged elementary students were forced to ingest cocaine

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WSJ Online Editor

Parents in Maywood have a lot of questions following an incident where three elementary school students were hospitalized yesterday, after ingesting a substance identified to be cocaine.

Maywood-Melrose Park-Broadview School District 89 released a statement saying, “a few” children at Garfield Elementary School were taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon, after ingesting an “unknown substance” that they got from another student.

In an interview with West Suburban Journal, Carletta May, the grandmother of one of the students, said a 4th grader brought multiple small bags of cocaine to the school, and five children were taken to two hospitals after they ingested the powder.  She said police officials and the hospital confirmed the substance was cocaine.  May added, the children were pressured by another student to eat and snort the illegal drug in the cafeteria at lunch. She said one girl and four boys, including the child who brought the bags to school were taken to hospitals to be checked out.

May said her grandson notified his teacher about the incident.  However, school officials did not immediately respond.  She added, “that could have put my grandson’s life in danger.”  “My grandson could have died, and their protocol to me was not satisfactory.  My grandson told his teacher about what happened at 12:30.  She did nothing until 3:30, because the principal said she wasn’t aware of it,” May said.

District 89 said in a statement today that the “students appear to be fine.”  However, May said her grandson still suffered symptoms as early as this morning.

The district said parents were informed about what happened with letters and phone calls. They said they are cooperating with police as they try to figure out exactly what happened.

Police and school officials would not confirm the children who ingested the cocaine.


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