Maywood Election 2017

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Maywood Election 2017

Dear Maywood Voter:


My name is Mrs. Gloria Clay and I am writing this letter to inform you that voters in Maywood have an important decision to make on April 4, 2017 in our municipal election. My husband Alonzo and I have been involved in this community for more than 70 years as an elected official, Public Works employee, Crossing Guard and a community activist.  We have always loved Maywood and always will.


On April 4 2017 we will be supporting the new political party…Maywood Visionary Party. MVP is headed by Antonette “Toni” Dorris, who is a candidate for mayor. I believe that Toni has the vision, the passion, the integrity, the experience and the leadership to bring a needed change to Maywood. For eight years, Toni ran the Mayor’s Office in Maywood and through her efforts made that office accountable, visible and accessible to the residents of Maywood. She has also served on the District 89 School Board where she advocated for our children and moved the district to bring about needed educational changes.


Toni currently is a Village Trustee and has assumed a mantel of leadership and vitality in bringing Trustees together and moving Maywood forward. She has combined passion, com passion and unity to work with all elected officials, the Village Manager and Village Staff to improve Maywood. At the same time, Toni as executive director of the Maywood Park District has transformed that agency from a leaderless and inefficient park district to one that serves children, families and seniors and provides many new and successful recreation programs and activities. Just as she did at the mayor’s office, the park

district now is visible, accountable, accessible and service-oriented.


Other MVP candidates are current Liquor Commissioner and technology expert Steven R. Smiley for Village Clerk, and three outstanding Trustee Candidates- present two-term Trustee Melvin Lightford; Maywood businessman Joe Wilson, co-owner of T&JJ’s Supreme Steak and Catering; and local realtor and economic development specialist Drena Lanier.


These candidates are honest and believe that constituents are ALWAYS first. From services to the decline of taxes to massive economic development need s—MVP candidates will work for the betterment of all. With this mixture of youthful vigor and experience, they will work together to bring about the changes necessary to make Maywood better.


I am very dissatisfied with what has occurred over the past few years with people playing politics and only working to satisfy their own selfish wants. We’ve lost economic development, have suffered from reduced services and our taxes continue to go through the roof. Karen Yarbrough should stay out of local elections unless she’s running for a local seat herself!


The power of change belongs to you! You can either continue to support those who have placed politics over people or stand up and support the new Maywood Visionary Party. Results Matter! Join me in backing MVP.


Mrs. Gloria Clay,

Maywood Resident



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