Letter to the Editor

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Recently, our most desired mayoral candidate for the village of Maywood has been reprimanded for dining out at a public restaurant establishment, where a seniors group had coincidentally scheduled a luncheon.

This most gracious candidate, while in actuality merely frequenting a favorite and popular local restaurant, was accused of having acquired privileged inside information and showing up for a scheduled event strictly and specifically to stump for votes. However, the manager and several employees later freely verified that she has long been a regular welcomed and familiar patron.

The concerns of the accuser, Mr. Larry Shapiro, however, are warranted for two concrete reasons. For one, if the accuser is running for mayor, or is in favor of an opposing candidate, he is justifiably in fear of losing votes. Under current and former administrations, the village of Maywood has become desolate of food, industry and business, and has lost and voluntarily rejected funding for youth, jobs, recreation, and refurbishing, while the accused candidate, Dr. Mary “May” Larry, Ph. D., stands strong in her movement to re-establish and restore Maywood to the industrious and desirable village it was once noted for.

The second concrete reason the accuser would have concern is that he once voraciously employed the selfsame tactic, of which he now accuses the gracious mayoral candidate Dr. Mary “May” Larry. He improperly frequented restaurants and public gathering places of unrelated organized events, stumping for votes himself. This tactic substantially reduces mailing and printing costs, and necessary footwork incurred by candidates. It’s no small wonder that he would immediately presume other candidates would adapt to this means, yet nothing of the sort could be further from truth.

Dr. Mary “May” Larry, Ph. D., has successfully sponsored several fund-raising events and giveaways, along with hosting monthly campaign mixers at the My Maywood campaign office, located at 9 N. Fifth Ave. She is creative and industrious at networking, and is a force to be reckoned with in the business arena.

So, yes, Mr. Larry Shapiro may have justifiable concerns, but that would be in his own back yard, and not that of our gracious mayoral candidate Dr. Mary “May” Larry. She was merely having a bite to eat, which is yet and still an acceptable practice in the community at large.

Joe Ratley,
Former Maywood Park District commissioner

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