Fencing operation bust recovers half million in stolen property

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Kevin Williams

MAYWOOD | Chicago Police District 25 recovered stolen property in one of the largest stings of its kinds the department has ever conducted. Lawnmowers, ladders, generators valued at a half-million dollars was recovered from a Maywood home located on 2nd Avenue.

For Bill Uchyn, a construction site project manager, being reunited with his personal property felt like Christmas. “I never thought I’d see these [stolen generators] again. I’m glad to see it again,” he said in an interview with West Suburban Journal.

Uchyn is one of several people who recovered stolen property at what Chicago police describe as a “fencing operation”. “This is what we call a fencing operation. They take in stolen items off of these burglars or thieves and they resell them to people who come in,” said Chicago Police Cmdr. Anthony

Police say the thieves used the backyard of a home located in Maywood on 2nd Ave to store the stolen items. The property recovered included construction equipment, bicycles, electric saw, generators among other items.

The recovered items will remain at the Chicago Police Department 25th District located on Grand Ave through October 26. To claim your missing property, you must show ID and proof of ownership, such as a receipt, bicycle registration or serial number for the item.

Police say they have a suspect in custody in connection with stolen items.

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