Alpha’s in the Streets march for peace, end to state budget impasse

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Residents of Maywood, Alpha Phi Alpha Inc., Fraternity Members, and Rep Chris Welch, 7th District, hit the streets of Maywood in a march for peace.  

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By Nicole Trottie

MAYWOOD | State Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch, D-Hillside, Congressman Danny Davis, D-Chicago, Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins and members of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity marched on the streets of Maywood, Saturday, July 1, to highlight the importance of funding anti-violence and employment programs that have lost funding due to state’s two-year budget impasse.

“Violence has been plaguing our communities for too long, and the governor’s unwillingness to compromise on a budget is putting people’s lives in danger,” said Welch. “That is why I started this march and a petition, so that the people of Illinois can stand up, demand that campaigning stop, and elected officials do the job that the people of Illinois elected them to do.”

Welch and members of the Alpha Phi Fraternity marched in Maywood to bring attention to continued anti-violence programs and organizations that have since been under monetary constraints due to the budget impasse. Welch is also urging local residents to sign his anti-violence petition at to send a message to the Gov. Bruce Rauner that Illinoisans deserve a budget that fully funds violence prevention programs.

“All of us need to do more to make sure anti-violence measures and organizations have the resources they need in order to protect people,” said Congressman Danny Davis. “I lost a family member to gun violence last year, and no one should live through such a traumatizing experience.  Governor Rauner needs to work with General Assembly to ensure the public’s safety.”

Update:  Days following the march, on July 3, the General Assembly passed the first complete budget the state has seen in three years, with bipartisan support in both chambers. 

The pair of decisive House votes to increase taxes set Democrats on a collision course with Governor Bruce Rauner, who vowed to veto the 32 percent personal income tax hike he pinned to House Speaker Michael Madigan.

“The legislature could have passed a no reform budget like this one two years ago,” Rauner said in a statement. “Instead, they allowed Mike Madigan to play his political games, pass phony budgets, rack up our debt and inflict pain on the most vulnerable.”  Rauner has insisted for two years that a budget be coupled with a property tax freeze and legislative term limits, among other things.

“The General Assembly came together to seek compromise,” Sen Jacqueline Collins said. “It was not easy to make this deal, which contains many items I, too, deeply dislike. It was nevertheless the responsible course of action, and one we should have carried out years ago. I urge the governor to sign these measures into law and end the budget impasse.”




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