WSJ Debate: Candidates talk about villages’ needs

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Broadview Trustee candidate’s

Kevin Beese


Broadview and Maywood candidates made one of their final pitches for voter support at a West Suburban Journal forum last week.


Mayoral and trustee candidates from both villages stressed their qualifications and plans for their community at the forum held Thursday at the Broadview Park District’s Schroeder Park Center.


Candidate pitches included:

Broadview mayor

Candidates present were Judy Brown-Marino of the Better Broadview Party; Maxine Johnson of the Democratic Party; Vernon Terry, an independent; and Katrina Thompson of the Broadview People’s Party.

Princess Dempsey, an independent, was absent.


Reason for running

Brown-Marino: “The past 13 years I have spent a lot of time educating myself on how municipal government runs. I always have the village in mind when making decisions.”

Johnson: “I love this village. I have the tenacity to bring people together. I will work for the community and will represent everyone as mayor.”

Terry: “I have been a homeowner in Broadview for 43 years. I believe we can work together. I want us to respect each other’s opinions.”

Thompson: “The village is at a critical point. It needs a leader who is ready to move the village forward.”


Broadview trustees

Candidates present were: Judy Abraham, Verina Horne and Sherman C. Jones of the Broadview People’s Party; and Craig Flowers, Sandra Taylor and Norlander Young of the Democratic Party.

Absent were independent candidates Ahkeem Henderson, Diane Little and Andrea Senior.


Reason for running

Abraham: “I am a lifelong resident and former trustee. I support policies for the betterment of the village. We need businesses to want to come here.”

Flowers: “I think our community needs to come together. We need to do what is feasible to build the community up. We are so close to doing that.”

Horne: “We need a functioning website, somewhere someone would turn to learn about the village. It is something so simple.”

Jones: “We need funds. That’s what will drive economic development. We need to share information about our neighborhoods, make businesses want to be here.”

Taylor: “We need jobs. That would help create more resources. We need to do all we can to make an avenue for companies to bring in jobs.”

Young: “I always try to do the right thing. It is evident that we need our economy to be stronger. It is so vital that we do better as a community.”


Maywood trustees

Candidates present were: Tanya Butler and Marcius Scaggs of the My Maywood Party; Audrey Jaycox, Antonio Sanchez and Emanuel Wilder of the Maywood United Party; and Drena Lanier and Joseph A. Wilson of the Maywood Visionary Party.

Absent were: Melvin L. Lightford of the Maywood Visionary Party, Sammie B. Rogers of the My Maywood Party and Kimyade Wellington, an independent.


Reason for running

Butler: “I am a concerned citizen and resident of the village. I am concerned we are not a destination for businesses. We need to invite companies in.”

Jaycox: “We need to continue to compete for companies to improve our economy. We need to quickly respond to business inquiries.”

Lanier: “I remember a better Maywood when I grew up. We can’t build a new Maywood if we have old thinking.”

Sanchez: “I’ve been a resident for 40 years. I want to see the village get to new heights. We need new people and new ideas.”

Scaggs: “We need better government transparency. We need to educate our citizens. We need leaders who think outside the box.”

Wilder: “I’ve been a commissioner on the Police and Fire Commission for 12 years. Before I was chairman of the commission there was a lot of anarchy.”

Wilson: “I’ve been in Maywood for 25 years. It’s the Village of Eternal Light. Maywood is in darkness. We need to be that light and unite our community.”



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