Welch proposes ‘Zombie Awareness Month’

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The 7th District State Representative has a resolution making October 2017 “Zombie Awareness Month.”

Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch (D-Hillside) said he wants to grab media attention with the title in his resolution. He hopes the bill will encourage discussions on how to be prepared for the next disaster.

“When you come across something like zombies, which modern culture is talking about, you’ll catch people’s attention,” Welch said.

He believes “Zombie Awareness Month” is a better name than “Disaster Preparedness Month.”

“When you have six or seven thousand pieces of legislation, you have got to have creative ways to bring attention to your good ideas,” Welch said.

Having a safe place inside a house, a battery powered radio and a three-day supply of food and water are good ways to be ready in a disaster, Welch said.

“If we’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for a natural disaster,” he said.

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