Taxpayers pay for weekend getaway for recorder of deeds staff

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Cook County Recorder of Deed, Karen Yarbrough, calls the staff getaway “useful”.   We call it wasteful.  Click link below for full story.

Mitch Dudek, The Chicago Sun-Times Political Watchdog, reports:

To perk up morale after voters, roused by calls of waste and redundancy, decided in November to do away with her office in 2020, Karen Yarbrough, Cook County’s elected recorder of deeds, deemed a field trip was in order.

So, at taxpayers’ expense, Yarbrough and 10 top staffers had a weekend retreat last month at a resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, with spouses and children.

 Yarbrough and company spent two nights at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa for an “Executive Staff Leadership Retreat” that cost the county $12,303.09, records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times show.

Yarbrough stayed in a “premier suite” — costing $627.13 for the weekend. Those suites include a fireplace, according to the Grand Geneva.

Her underlings’ digs were less expensive. Altogether, the 12 rooms that the $105,000-a-year elected official booked cost a total of $6,659.49, records show….





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