PMSA Summit Reader Recognition

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By Paul Miller

FOREST PARK | Recently five PMSA students were recognized for their enthusiasm of literature.  Shoshana Fiala, librarian at PMSA, held the first Summit Readers Top Reader Awards event where she honored the top readers at the PMSA library. Each student received a certificate, gift cards, flowers, and a candy bag.

The awards were for this school year with a cutoff date of March 1 and include a fiction and nonfiction only.

Isabel Popoca, a senior at PMSA, has checked out and read 225 books during her four years at PMSA. Alexis Robles, is just shy of triple digits already and she is a sophomore. Alison Brennan has read the entire Manga collection and has started reading more fiction and is already in the double digits this school year alone. Sadiya Khan is also in the double digits, and is one of the fastest readers, often checking out and reading several books a week as well as checking out books like SAT practice. Iyleah Hernandez checks out both fiction and nonfiction equally and is as excited about one as the other.

Fiala stated that she looks forward to showing Iyleah the lastest “cool” nonfiction books she has purchased.  Fiala is a dedicated school librarian who is committed to academic achievement and teaches PMSA students to value the joy and importance of reading.

“Discussing literature with these students makes me incredibly happy. Many more of our avid readers were very close to winning the Top Reader Awards! I am truly honored to be the librarian of so many excited readers.”, Fiala said.

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