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MAYWOOD |  A Maywood man has been sentenced to 3 life terms in prison last
Wednesday for the brutal beating death of his elderly aunt.
The Cook County State's Attorney's office says 51-year-old David Brown of the 2100
block of 9th Avenue in Maywood was previously convicted by of first-degree murder in
the October 2009 death of 81-year-old Gertrude Franklin of LaGrange Park.  
Brown was sentenced by Cook County Fourth District Court Judge Noreen Love who
called the murder of Franklin “exceptionally brutal and heinous”.  Love found Brown
guilty of home invasion, robbery, aggravated fleeing, eluding the police and murder
November 15 in a bench trial.
Franklin had been severely beaten on October 29, 2009 at her home on the 1000 block
of Barnside Road and later died on November 12 of cranial cerebral trauma.
Police arrested Brown after he crashed his aunt’s car, which police recognized as
belonging to Franklin. When they attempted to contact her about her car, they found her
unresponsive but alive in her home. She never regained consciousness, and charges
of home invasion and attempted murder were upgraded to murder.
“This woman could easily have been pushed aside. She didn’t have to be bound and
struck, left in her own blood to die like a dog,” Love said. “And this is a family member?”  
Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Hanus argued Brown deserved a life sentence for
killing the woman he called “auntie.”  “It was a senseless, cold-hearted, violent act, and
he committed it without any mercy,” Hanus said. “With her head beaten until it was
concave, he had the audacity to tie her by her ankles in her own kitchen. He robbed her
of what appeared to be costume jewelry of sentimental value and an old Buick Century.”
Hanus also detailed a lengthy list of Brown’s convictions since 1976, including robbery,
residential burglary, delivery of a controlled substance, theft, trespassing and
possession of a stolen vehicle. Brown was in prison for all but six of the last 37 years,
Hanus noted.
Attorney Kathleen Moriarty of the Cook County Public Defender’s Office said Brown had
been diagnosed with depression, psychosis and auditory hallucinations and borderline
intellectual functioning. He abused drugs and alcohol and had a seventh-grade
education, reported the Sun Times.
However, Love said Brown appeared lucid, clear and intelligent when testifying at his
trial.  “He had no problems expressing himself, even though I found his testimony not
credible,” she said. Love said the psychologist at Madden Mental Health Center said
Brown was very lucid.
Love said she chose Brown’s sentence to protect society.  “He has been a menace to
society for his entire adult life.”
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