Maywood native launches self-inspirational 3-book series

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Dr. Edmond Kelly Jr. greets well-wishers at his book signing last Friday | Photo Mike Sandrolini

Mike Sandrolini

MELROSE PARK | What started out as an assignment in a college class that Dr. Edmond Kelly Jr. took while an undergraduate at Liberty University several years ago has morphed into what will be a self-inspirational three-book series.

Dr. Kelly had a book signing for the first of his three books, titled, “How ONE Choice Directs Your Destiny: The Book of Truth: Introducing Mind Interpretation Theory,” last Friday at Walther Christian Academy, his alma mater. The signing was attended by dozens of people, including Dr. Kelly’s parents, Donna and Edmond, Sr., who reside in Maywood.

Dr. Kelly said he wants to complete the third and final book in his series by either September or October, which from March will be an eight-month period.

“My favorite number is the number eight,” he said. “The number eight in the Bible means new beginnings.”

What is Dr. Kelly’s Mind Interpretation Theory, referenced in the book’s title? According to information on the book provided at, M.I.T. “is a biblical based psychological theory that reflects the troubles of persons who struggle with decision making.

“This theory will assist with helping persons see who they were, are, and will become. This series are not to demean anyone as whom they are, or where they are in life.”

“This is a book that will prepare you to be great,” Dr. Kelly said. “One of the things is: be confident. Be confident in your decision-making. If you believe and receive then you most definitely can achieve.”

Dr. Kelly added that the first book, which is around 80 pages, “is about setting a foundation within yourself.”

“It’s learning to overcome your past and then prepare not to continue to follow into the same missteps and then in the end, in the third chapter (of the book), it’s about now setting your ultimate goal,” he explained.

He estimates that he expects to complete his second book, titled, “The Book of Trust,” by either May or June.

“You’re now building upon that house,” he said. “The first book will be the foundation and the second book is now you’re building it (the foundation) up.”

And book No. 3—“The Book of Triumph,” is expected to be finished by either September or October, as previously mentioned.

“At that point all of your decision-making is in motion,” he said. “You’ll be confident.”

Dr. Kelly noted that once a reader finishes the three books, every decision he or she makes “will be guided with understanding, with truth and with belief.”

“From that point, I truly feel it’s all about the specific walk,” he said. “And as you continue to walk in the right direction, then all things are possible.”

Dr. Kelly went to Garfield Elementary School in Maywood and then to Walther Christian Academy when it was known as Walther Lutheran.

“It was sometimes rough,” he said, “but even at an immature age, I still had to make decisions. “

He credits his family as the guiding light to completing his book.  His father, Edmond Sr., pointed out that things weren’t easy growing up in Maywood , but his son persevered and did the “small things” to achieve his goals.

“It’s a very good thing when you see the steps that he made in life, and becoming a doctor and later an author,” Edmond Sr. said. “He has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, he won two championships in wrestling, all these things.

“I’m happy that he achieved these things, but I pray that a lot of kids (today) would wake up to things or that the parents would stick by their kids like I did. I was there whenever he wrestled; whenever he played football I was there.”

Dr. Kelly, who is a guidance counselor at Guerin Prep High School in River Grove, received a master’s of counseling degree as well as a PhD in education leadership from Liberty University. He has created developmental programs for youths, such as “Heroes Of Tomorrow” youth ministry, as well as campaigns called the BACK UP Plan: Bullying Awareness Constitute Knowledge & Ultimate Protection, Crossover Cares Foundation (which will create scholarships for college bound students, contributed to charities yearly) and Operation The latter focuses on prevention of violence in the city of Chicago. Additionally, he is co-founder of Crossover Gear clothing line.

He and his wife, Felicia, and their children, Zoey and Elicia, live in the northwest suburbs.





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