House would require cursive writing in Illinois schools

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WSJ Editor

SPRINGFIELD | House Bill 2977, which passed the Illinois House of Representatives April 26, would mandate cursive writing instruction in both public elementary schools and high schools .

The bill, sponsored by State Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch, 7th District, D-Hillside, with 32 co-sponsors, passed the Illinois House by a 67-48 margin. The bill would amend the Illinois school code to provide: “Every public elementary school and high school shall include in its curriculum a unit of instruction practicing writing in cursive.” The fiscal note accompanying the legislation says passage of the bill will “have a fiscal impact on school districts; however, the specific amount is not known.”

Welch says it’s important that tech-savvy children retain cursive writing to read historical documents, write personal notes and sign documents.

GOP Rep. Mike Fortner of West Chicago says cursive styles change. He says modern readers don’t readily recognize the cursive of the Declaration of Independence.

Welch emphasizes cursive would be required in short-term classroom units. It would not be required year-round.


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