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District 209

We are excited about the possibility of a concise board majority to excel the direction and positive growth, which has gained legs under the leadership of Teresa McKelvy, President, Proviso Township High School, D209, Board of Education.

The Proviso First slate brings with it diverse representation to the board.  Dan Adams, Brian Cross and Teresa McKelvy, the incumbents, and Jacqueline Walton, the political newcomer should soundly defeat the Forest Park Proviso Together team; Rodney Alexander, Amanda Grant, Della Patterson and Samuel Valtierrez.

Newly appointed Superintendent Dr. Jesse Rodriguez is committed to progress. The Proviso East principal, Dr. Patrick Hardy, is exceptional. The board and administration are keenly aware of growing shift in demographic, and are prepared to meet the diverse needs of the growing Hispanic enrollment.   Under McKelvy’s leadership, “investments in new text books and technology are underway” wrote the Forest Park Review.

There is no more important election than April 4.  There is no more greater opportunity to make real change for District 209 and our children’s education.

Your vote for the Proviso First Party, April 4, makes the difference!



For well over a decade now, the West Suburban Journal has been reporting on the political quagmire known as Maywood, or ‘Yarbrough Country’ where pay-to-play politics has translated into the Dante’s Circle of Hell that’s come to cast a shadow on the Village of Eternal Light.

Enough is enough!

We’ve met the candidates.  We’ve talked with the candidates.  We’ve participated and hosted candidate debates.  We’ve made our picks.

While Maywood has some formidable candidates this election running for the mayoral, trustee and clerk seat, we believe the Maywood Visionary Party is the best choice to lead Maywood out of the muck and forward to prosperity.

The slate: Antonette ‘Toni’ Dorris, mayor; Joseph Wilson, trustee; Drena Lanier, trustee; Melvin Lightford, trustee; Steve Smiley, clerk are a diverse team of leaders who are committed to putting the resident’s best interests ahead of their own.

While we admire incumbent Mayor Edweena Perkins and the rest of the candidates, minus Henderson (Karen) Yarbrough, for their passion and concern for Maywood, we strongly believe that a clear and cooperative slate is needed to move Maywood forward toward real change.

We, too, are impressed with Marcius Scaggs, park district commissioner, and My Maywood Party candidate running for trustee.  We give Scaggs the nod.

Your vote April 4, for the Maywood Visionary Party, is needed more than ever.  Let’s make democracy work!

Maywood Visionary Party: (left to right) Steve Smiley, clerk, Drena Lanier, trustee, Antonette ‘Toni’ Dorris, mayor, Joseph Wilson, trustee, Melvin Lightford, trustee

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  1. Janet Flores
    March 31, 2017 at 2:58 PM

    Are you kidding me, you feel that Proviso First will help Proviso Township! You are a joke. That is the same politics as before which have run both of those high schools in the ground. You definitely don’t care.

  2. Irma Perez
    March 31, 2017 at 11:20 PM

    2015, new books were bought, but was Teresa Kelly president of school board at that time. Check your alternative fact

  3. Brian Jones
    April 4, 2017 at 1:05 PM

    Proviso Together now. Proviso Together always.

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