Broadview adds village administrator post

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By Kevin Beese

BROADVIEW |  Along with a full-time mayor, Broadview will soon also have a full-time village administrator.

The position is seen as someone to step in and run the village when Mayor Katrina Thompson is not present.

“I was in the office for eight years,” said Trustee Sherman Jones, who handed the mayor’s gavel to Thompson this week. “This position is sorely needed. It is very difficult to be mayor and village administrator, to continue to do the mayor’s duties and manage the village staff. The mayor is only one person. It is not feasible for that person to do everything”

No salary for the position was listed in the ordinance amending village code to establish the post. The only reference to compensation in the ordinance is that “The annual salary of the village administrator shall be determined by the (Village) President and Board of Trustees.”

Thompson has said she intends to be a full-time mayor, but Jones said another person is needed to help run the village.

“You need someone to be the mayor’s eyes and ears,” Jones said.

The new Village Board unanimously approved creating the position Monday night.  According to the approved ordinance, the village administrator’s duties include:

  • Executing labor relations policies and negotiating collective bargaining agreements.
  • Coordinating economic development agreements with developers.
  • Managing human resources matters for the village.
  • Evaluating all liability risks to the village.
  • Devoting all reasonable time to the discharge of his or her official duties.
  • Not creating any conflict of interest between his or her personal activities and official duties.
  • Performing duties as the ex-officio collector of the village.
  • Carrying out other duties and responsibilities as required by village ordinance or that may be assigned by the village president.

Trustee Judy Brown-Marino said she wished a detailed job description had been provided for the position.

“What do we know about qualifications needed for the position?” Brown-Marino asked.

Trustee Verina Horn said it makes sense to have someone who can step up and run the village when the mayor is not present.

Trustee John Ealey agreed.  “I have long believed in us having the position of village administrator or village manager,” Ealey said. “I look forward to seeing the job description and the required qualifications.

The Village Board also changed the person to whom village department heads report. The department heads, who had reported to the village clerk, will not report to the mayor/village president.

“I think it is smart that department heads report director to the mayor,” Horn said. “The mayor is the one making the executive decisions.”

In a 5-1 vote, the Village Board approved having department heads report directly to Thompson.  Brown-Marino voted against the proposal.

Editor’s note:  The village of Bellwood, and neighboring municipalities utilize administrative assistant and/or village managers.


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