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Softball Hall of Fame a dream
come true
PLCCA loses
funding to
Proviso politics
at its worst
MAYWOOD |  One does not
have to read between the
lines of the emails from Gov.
Pat Quinn’s office to
understand how political
jockeying played a hand in
steering allocated funds to
local nonprofits when
deciding how big a serving
some agencies should get
from his now-defunct $54.5
million Neighborhood
Recovery Initiative anti-
violence grant program.
Emails from Gov. Pat Quinn’s
former top aides recount how
Cook County Recorder of Deeds
Karen Yarbrough(above), a
Maywood Democrat, approached
Quinn’s administration in
January 2011 to oppose giving
NRI funding to a longtime social
service provider in Maywood
Renovation of Broadview’s Beverly
Recreation Center Scheduled
Group aims to bring Little
League back to Maywood
MAYWOOD | Rev. Billy Fowlkes stood behind the backstop
at Winfield Scott Park on 17th Avenue and Maywood Drive
one recent Sunday afternoon and peered out at the
baseball field.
Gov. Pat Quinn announces $1.2
million investment to renovate
recreation center in Broadview park

By Deborah Bayliss

BROADVIEW |  Broadview
residents will soon enjoy a newly
renovated Beverly Recreation
Center at Cermak Road and 25th
Avenue, thanks to $1.2 million
bestowed to the Broadview Park
District via Ill. Gov. Pat Quinn's.....